added models:

VX8575, AX830, VX7100
- Repair Phone number(MDN)
- Read/Write SID/NID
- Read SSD_A, SSD_B
- Read/Write PRL
- Read/WriteSPC SPC
- Read User Lock Code
- Read/Write Digital MIN
- Read/Write AKEY
- Read/Write OTKSL
- Dump/Flash NVM

GM750, GM750H, GM750N, GM750Q
- Read/Write Security
- Read dump full
- Unlock
- Repair Bluetooth
- Repair IMEI

T500, T505, T505GO
- Read/write full
- Read/Write NVM
- Flash Firmware

new features:

all Infineon A-Gold, S-Gold:
- fix security. This feature will help you to restore phones, killed by other boxes - "yellow screen" and "dead TV" LG hack protection.

all Infineon A-Gold-radio:
- improved version reading

- Read/Repair IMEI2 (direct)

BL20, BL20e, BL20v, BL20T, BL20GO, BL42k
- Improved connect procedure

AX585, UX585
- Flash firmware

Interface improvements
- Pinouts added

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