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    براي ديدن لينکها و تصاوير بايد عضو سايت و يا كاربر-VIP باشيد]

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    بهترین مرورگر وب با سرعتی خارق العاده بدون****

    Are you boring with a dull WAP site? Are you upset with the blank display in a wap site? UCWEB will change all those problems on the mobile Internet! with UCWEB, you can not only visit WAP site quickly, but also the colorful WEB sites fluently, to enjoy the pleasantness of wireless thoroughly.
    Compression Technology:
    Advanced compression technology can reduce data costs by up to 85%, making mobile surfing cheaper.
    Night Mode:
    Unique Night Surfing Mode protects your eyes in the dark.
    Wireless is more colorful! Information, entertainment, community, forum, blog, it’s all we have. Site navigation service recommends excellent internet sites and hot sites to you! Click! click! click! It’s so easily to access the site. Opening the site you want quickly, reading what you like, and listening what you love.
    Don’t doubt the voluminous information can be searched on your mobile phone! With UCWEB, you can do it! UCWEB offers various search engines, such as Baidu, Google, Yicha, to satisfy your desire of searching the whole Internet. UCWEB supports to search by sort, such as web pages, MP3, pictures, maps,etc.
    E-mail service:
    By a mobile phone, you can enjoy a fresh experience of receiving & sending mails as quickly and conveniently as by PC anytime and anywhere! UCWEB builds-in mailing function, which supports the majority of mailboxes, such as 163, hotmail, Yahoo mail, and a lot of mail attachments formats (doc, xls, pdf, txt, jpg, bmp, htm, zip, e.g.), it encrypts account code and application program simultaneously, and protect your mail security at best, make you receive/send or write mails by mobile phone as smoothly as by PC.
    Beautiful pictures!MP3!Characteristic phone ring tone! UCWEB lets you get all you want. The powerful download function makes your download easily, and which make you save time and cost.
    UCWEB download function supports the big file download and the break points discontinuous transmission, which adopts the data compression technique to reduce the data traffic.
    Personal Data Manager:
    Do you regret that you can’t save the sites/pages you like? Is there no storage space for storing MP3, games? Is data lost when you change mobile phone? Don’t worry, UCWEB resolves these problems for you! It offers service such as bookmark, favorite, user can manage web sites which regularly browsed easily in mobile phone or in PC. The mobile phone hard disk is the bridge of PC and mobile phone, by which accessing the picture, MP3 and game is easy.
    RSS Subscription:
    With a mobile phone, the latest hot Internet information can be subscribed! With RSS news subscription function you can subscribe RSS seeds, and manage the RSS resource, and then read the updated details in RSS freely. You can login directly in your mobile phone, or open http://my.ucweb.com/ to subscript the RSS seeds.
    Shortcut Key Application:
    With the shortcut key function, it makes the whole operation process of UCWEB simply, convenient. You can assemble shortcut keys with single key or double keys, and setup shortcut key by yourself. The customized service makes you enjoy the fully wireless happiness.
    Main Features:
    • Adaptation for small screen
    • Data traffic statistics
    • Visited history
    • Domain name quickly input
    • Supporting multi-formatted file
    • Supporting web local-storage
    • Multi-windows browsing
    • Page dynamic optimization
    • Picture optimizing display
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