Note:If u have installedCPF_BOX_II_Setup2008.08.07main.exe ,then you can direct install this time update.If you haven't installed that one, please download it first.

برای دیدن لینکها
برای دیدن لینکها براي ديدن لينکها و تصاوير بايد عضو سايت و يا كاربر-VIP باشيد] کلیک کنید
کلیک کنید

Update MTK platform V2.36
Added show lock code function after backup flash file(first in the world)

Added 7880 IMEI Easy tools V1.0

Repair some 7880 cpu imei solution sim lock(first in the world)

1 choice port COM1.
2 phone connected to PC. Enter * ** power phone into test mode
3 Click Repair imei

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